Deep Yoga Relax



A candle lit micro retreat. Small Group Sesson

All our classes are open to all.  Whether you are a beginner or you've been practising for years it is wise to approach every class as if it were your first, leave your ego at the door and revel in the ‘beginners’ mindset’.

Whilst in class always exercise your ‘yogis choice’ your inner wisdom and honest judgement about whether you are pushing yourself too much and into the realms of ‘ego yoga’.

Please wear loose comfortable layers and be prepared to work in bare feet.  Also ensure that you complete and keep the Health Waiver form updated bringing any health issues to our attention.

Introduction to the Class

Deep Yoga Relax is a Candlelight micro retreat evening at the Kingsclere Village Club on a Sunday late afternoon.

Let the weight and troubles of mind and body slip away.  Smooth & slow, mellow & mindful yoga for rest & repair. Yoga but not as you know it! Iron out the shortcomings of your body and control the damaging impacts of stress.  Discover the support of reclined yoga poses,stretches and vitalising  breath.  Enjoy a relaxing and highly effective evening of quiet yoga  by candlelight.  

Set up for good sleep and happy, purposeful day. More quiet moments for stillness  and calm. 

A chance to cherish the body and nourish the mind  with subtle and supported yoga poses,stretches and effective breathing for vitality and clarity.  Enjoy a twilight sequence of considered movement by candlelight.  Deepen your inner peace and physical flexibility month by month.  Ideal preparation for meditation


This is a monthly sessions and is  booked per month and payable in advance.


Tickets are £20 per person, and includes homebakes and herbal teas afterwards.


Please download our timetable for all term class schedules and prices.

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8 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 1 Dec 


Time & Place

Monthly Sunday's   5:20pm - 7:30pm


All classes are available with Jo as your personal teacher and guide

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