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All our classes are open to all.  Whether you are a beginner or you've been practising for years it is wise to approach every class as if it were your first, leave your ego at the door and revel in the ‘beginners’ mindset’.

Whilst in class always exercise your ‘yogis choice’ your inner wisdom and honest judgement about whether you are pushing yourself too much and into the realms of ‘ego yoga’.

Please wear loose comfortable layers and be prepared to work in bare feet.  Also ensure that you complete and keep the Health Waiver form updated bringing any health issues to our attention.

Introduction to the Class

Jo is a meditator, first trained in this traditional technique of ‘pranayama samyama’ on retreat by Dr Kumar in 2014. She completed her teacher training in 2016 with Anna Bhushan and supports local weekend courses and ‘top-up’ meditation sessions locally.

Observation of the natural breath has the power to bring balance and harmony to the mind.

The practice is rooted in the traditions from which contemporary models of mindfulness arise and is central to Yoga and Dhamma systems. The teaching is supported by audio recordings of Dr. Kumar, of registered charity: Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation, that connects us to the origins, traditions and the fundamental principles of the technique. The purpose of this is to maintain the pure science of meditation in order to benefit from it fully and to acknowledge its ethical and philosophical basis. The practice is taught systematically and is supported by explanations, simple theory and group discussion. Students who complete the course can also have access to the app.

Regular practice of this technique will cultivate:

  • The release of deep stress
  • Mindfulness in the present moment
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • An increasingly balanced, positive and contented mind
  • Increased willpower, independence and compassion
  • Transformation of unhelpful tendencies of mind, eg., negative thinking, anxiety and anger
  • Subtler awareness of self and others

To find out more visit the Traditional Yoga website

Hatha Yoga, is the traditional Indian name used to describe a set of practices that are intended to prevent physical problems, heal existing ones and maintain overall health and wellbeing.


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