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All our classes are open to all.  Whether you are a beginner or you've been practising for years it is wise to approach every class as if it were your first, leave your ego at the door and revel in the ‘beginners’ mindset’.

Whilst in class always exercise your ‘yogis choice’ your inner wisdom and honest judgement about whether you are pushing yourself too much and into the realms of ‘ego yoga’.

Please wear loose comfortable layers and be prepared to work in bare feet.  Also ensure that you complete and keep the Health Waiver form updated bringing any health issues to our attention.

Introduction to the Class

Discover how working with chairs is no barrier to movement for fitness. Regain confident balance and movement. We access flowing, breath-aware seated postures including twists plus standing balances with the support of the chair.  At the end of the class discover how to relax with your feet up like never before!

You might think this class is designed exclusively for mature students or anyone who has mobility restrictions but think again. Aging happens almost unobserved, time for ourselves evaporates and stiffness takes us stealthily from the feet up. Learn how to share TLC with your body. Transfer the skills to other seated moments in your life: at the desk, in the car, out and about, doing chores or even while you watch TV!

Chair yoga is a great way to dust off your yoga moves and get re-acquainted with them – a fresh approach working with the freedom of a ‘newbie’.   

Gift a yoga journey - Why not share moments of movement with a loved one in which gravity need not apply.

  • A form of yoga that starts to gently warm up the body and extend gradually into greater ranges of movement
  • Whilst practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using the chair for support, emphasis is placed on safe alignment and integrity of the movements. Less is more.
  • A good place to start or interrupt habitual yoga moves and an exploration our ‘lazy’ or automatic movement habits.
  • A good way to unwind and reduce stress, or raise the heart rate if you wish to opt for the extended postures!
  • No headstands, feats of strength or contortion
  • Some standing postures – usually balances. Seated postures include: forward bends, low-impact back bends in addition to seated twists and stretches.
  • This class uses mats, some props, and chairs!


Sessions are booked per term and payable in advance


Drop-in sessions may be available at £12 per session, so please drop me a line


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Wednesday's   4:30pm - 5:30pm


All classes are available with Jo as your personal teacher and guide

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