About Me

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Welcome to Real Me Yoga. 

My name is Joanna and I m the spirit behind these offerings. 

Feel well: Live Happy is my mantra...  I specialise in helping REAL people define and achieve REAL health and REAL happiness.  I signpost the over 45's to move the body and still the distracted mind.  Now is the best time to start, working now to build muscle reserves will future proof your health for a life worth breathing. 

Collating my prior experience as a trainer and an instructor my method is highly individual and very effective.  I produce thoughtful and gentle learning experiences with lasting results. Whether working in friendly groups or 121's everyBODY works at their own pace.  In so doing students notice why and how their body responds.  Taking ownership and engineering one's health, breath by breath is a REAL life changing experience.

My competition-free style of teaching yoga is influenced by multiple trainings and a keen CPD ethic in areas such as; yoga therapy, physio therapy, neuroscience, psychology and anatomy.

I teach movement to amplify our experience of living and instruct meditation to help make sense of it all.  The yoga traditions have been brought to life for me by my teacher Dr ALV Kumar of www.TraditionalYoga.co.uk and those who taught him, including; Sri Krishnamacharya, Goenka, BKS Iyengar, P Jois and TK Desikachar.  The methods of Dr Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais and Joseph Pilates also weave their influence into the yogawellness motion I teach. 

Without the support of my teacher training mentors, bodyworker colleagues and students I would not be the teacher I am.  I owe them all my heartfelt gratitude and enduring thanks.

Professional Background

I qualified as a City & Guilds trainer and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the 1990's.  With a background in Continuting Professional Development policy making I was a contributing author of 'CPD for the Professions' by D Scarret.  Whilst raising my family I later qualified in Early Childhood Development and set up PlayMusic across Berkshire and North Hampshire.  This fun and popular programme brought emotional resilience and self expression using music and movement to 100's of young families and many nurseries between 2000-2014. 

Retraining at Yoga Campus, London and with Traditional Yoga I have been teaching yoga movement 'asana' practices since 2016 and Natual Breath Meditation, the 'Insight' technique of Patanjali since 2017. I participate in annual Vipasana Silent retreats and retrainings.  Currently I am pursing a post graduate Diploma in Yoga Wellness Education and am a Member of the Yoga Alliance and the School of Practical Philosophy and Economics.

My teaching (online or in person) supports 'newbies' and returners alike who are willing to acquire the skills of observation and accept that less is usually a great deal more.

‘’I teach in order to learn, receive and share - I hope always to be a curious student myself.’  Please join me soon and start living life to its fullest today for tomorrow never comes.  With all good wishes & metta .


'We cannot create observers by saying 'observe', but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses.' Maria Montisori

It' all in the name...

The name Real Me Yoga means just that; yoga for REAL bodies.  You are welcome whatever your current fitness and range of motion regardles of historic injuries.  ( A Health & Covid 19 form must be completed before taking your first class) You do not need to be lythe, 'bendy' or athletic to do yoga.  NO pre conceptions is ideal, NO prior experience makes for a perfect yoga student. Within 6-8+ weeks of thoughtful, regular practice and observation you'll start making some surprising self-discoveries.  Whatever your mood or mindset, if you can breathe you are already doing yoga.  Our body's are the instruments through which we experience our lives, to be a stranger to your body and heedless of one's breath is to be half alive. Real Me Yoga signposts you to be body wise and fully alive.

'To acquire knowledge one must study, but to acquire wisdom one must observe' Marilyn Vos Savant.


What the Students say .... Testimonials

"I enjoy building up to the short yoga flow sequences and also the fact you stress we must listen to our bodies.  I do have a tendency to push myself which has resulted in my injuring myself in the past so it is a timely reminder.  I have realised for the first time that I screw up my toes when doing the poses and ... this may explain something of my back pain.  Who would have thought it!" MP Friday 9 am class

'Thanks for keeping my Mum grounded and flexible in the week - I know she looks forward to your classes' - NW

"Oh that was good thanks! need to do that every day!" NP Express Yoga

"Thursday morning 0730 yoga was so uplifting and energizing this morning, thank you Jo.  30 mins short and sweet and I'm a new woman! Highly recommended." - JE

 “Thank you for a great yoga practise this afternoon – really enjoyed it – arrived feeling rubbish left feeling wonderful!” - J Tues 5 pm

 “Not just yoga moves … Yours is thoughtful yoga”. - G of Ecchinswell

  "Another glorious 9 hours of restful blissful sleep after a lovely class last night. Thank you Jo"  - ET 5 pm Yoga

"Hello Joanna, yoga on Wednesday was so lovely!" - H of East End

  "Hi Joanna Loved yesterday's class but really feeling it today" J Weds 6pm

  "Last weeks session was hard work for me not having done any yoga for 4 weeks but it so helped my back." -PC 9 am Yoga

'The senses are a kind of reason. Taste, touch and smell, hearing and seeing, are not mearly a means to sensation, enjoyable or otherwise, but they are also a means to knowledge - and are, indeed, your only actual means to knowledge.'   Thomas Aquinas