Props and Products for self care & home practice

 Yoga is a  pre NHS and health insurance self care system.  as a total wellness package and supporting health from within and without.  Being comfortable and nurturing good health habits and getting out of my own way, slowing the hands of time.  This means having my own props and equipment, routines for meditation, journaling, good diet and bodycare.  I know that students are interested too because they come to classes asking ....

'Where to get hold of the items used for practice ?' and, 'How do I start and stick with a home practice?'.   Here are a few ideas which I love and will I hope help get you established in habits of selfcare and compassion. Enjoy and feel REAL.

Yoga Props & the gift of home wellness practices

Props are particularly useful to make poses accessible and broaden to scope of physical sensation.  This is particularly true in Deep Yoga Relax where they offer support and comfort during positions that are held for longer periods. Owning your own props will be necessary in a post Covid 19 era. This need not be costly. I am offering bundles of props from classes for sale please see below. 

I also carry a small selection of eye pillows (washable covers), 'prickly' foot massage balls, yoga belts, spare bolster covers and  bolsters, bricks and blocks.  Thai cushions (not pictured) are special order item but are very versatile.    Please note that colours selctions are not guaranteed and not necessarily those shown.  Photos below are a guide only.

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More about daily journalling .... Why not follow a 30 day journaling experience?  

There are set sections for each day covering different elements of your life.

Get help setting daily intentions for the theme of your day, give yourself goals and notes on what you want to do and there's plenty of space for free-flow journaling as well. Each day ends with a short review 'taking stock' of the day.

Complete 'one commitment' and colour in the 'Happiness' scale and observe the transformation. 

Journals are produced on recycled paper in the UK.

Meditation, Gratitude and Daily Journals

If you are struggling with establishing and sticking to a daily practice I recommend the daily Sit and Still 10 minute practice and Journalling to help adapt your behaviours, reframe thoughts and create new wellness habits. 

Awareness of the way you think changes the way you feel. Change the way you feel and your life can transform. No change is possible without awareness.  Meditation on the natural breath or 'Raja Yoga' is the route used to cultivate REAL awareness of yourself and of gratitude.   For instruction in meditation please get in touch or look out for the daily LIVE offerings.  Join the RealMeYoga Facebook group.

'For the mind there is the witnessing of the breath, for the body there is movement.'

The physical combination of writing, breathing and thought-flow is particularly effective in setting up new sustainable habits that support a movement and meditation.

Witnessing your thoughts constructively in a daily journal is a very powerful adjunct to a more fulfilling yogawellness practice. I have found these journals and accompanying courses, by friend and author Nikie Piper transformational. I hope you will too. 

Please order directly from the print on demand company and mention RealMeYoga.

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude ...

... attitude stems from peace of mind and grace of body.

Videos for home practice & LIVE meditation support

I've begun to put together a selection of YouTube videos designed to get you kitted up for yoga movement, meditation and relaxation.  These are my 'service' contributions to the loving kindness that is yoga. Please subscribe (free) to the channel to find, watch and share with others.  In this way the natual healing benefits of yoga to help more and more people.

I provide daily 10 minute Sit and Still introductory practices to cultivate the beginnings of your awareness of the natural breath.  Sit and Still is a tiny portion of the ancient practice of Raja Yoga.  An appreciation of the full technique which was originally an aural tradition is available as a 6 part meditation course delivered by volunteers like myself .  This is a UK based charity manned nationwide as Traditional Yoga and in constant contact with TraditionalYoga in Hyderabad, India.  The teaching of Insight meditation is in the tradition of the sage Patanjali 450BC.

To be qualified to offer this training volunteers undergo a strict teacher training and commit to ongoing trainings.  Of course I also have a 'sitting' practice and attend annual silent Vipasanna retreats with the world leading authority.  Dr Kumar has over 45 years' experience in the major vedanta traditions and devised the course based on his experience in all the major Ashrams and the original texts.

The teaching and recordings are regularly updated and made available to attendees who are elligible to attend retreats and training themselves. I make donations to the charitable work of bringing yogawellness to EVERYbody regardless of circumstance to communities, workplaces and prisons in India and UK.  For this reason I have included a donation button for LIVE Sit and Still meditations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Natural Breath Meditation

'Nurture your nature and Nature will nurture YOU'

Dr ALV Kumar

Daily Sit and Still is a quiet calming start to your day that bring focus and clarity.  I go out into nature and bring its qualities to you.  Sit and Still is a guided 10 minutes during which to start observations of your natural breath.  This is available daily from 7 am.  These sessions are short and sweet and are given freely and are replayable for the lifetime of the post.  Please join the RealMeYoga facebook and group sign up to the newsletter to hear about or request trainings.

Please go to the JOIN IN page to make a donation to Sit and Still.  Thank you.

Gifts, Treats and Essentials for self care & Clean Air

I use a Neal's Yard Esta Diffuser in class and at home to cleanse the air I and my students breathe naturally. 

The pure essential oils I enjoy are listed under 'Self Care in Difficult Times' at...

Free postage & packing for orders over £40

Breathing is the essence of  Yoga ... NOURISH YOUR  AIRWAYS

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Specially formulated as a highly effective protection measure against COVID 19 Harvan Oil is now available.

This is an exceptionally pure oil and is available exlusively at Traditional yoga.  When ordering please mention RMY.

Whilst visiting the Traditional Yoga site I also highly recommed Dr Kumar's detoxing Yoga tea

All profits to charity; the Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation

Need a gentle reminder, or a special Yoga gift ?

'Trataka' decorations - Exclusive to RealMeYoga are these unique, hand decorated 'practice triggers' are specially crafted for your space, to sit and observe as part of a trataka  sitting practice or gift to a friend. Choose a from a special RMY selection.   Upon ordering mention RMY and enquire about a personal message or phrase that re-mind you why being on your mat daily even for 5 minutes is SO GOOD.  

Locally made to order by Roelofs & Rubens, ceramicists.