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Yoga is for every body for all seasons of life. 

Like anything yoga improves with practice, enrolled students never miss out as they can make up classes within each term. Our environment is friendly and supportive. Whether you're a beginner or returner our classes are open to all and all are welcome.


'Energy and persistence alter all things' Benjamin Franklin

Please note that all classes are currently held virtually

If you are experiencing obstacles to achieving your yoga practice during the current pandemic please contact us.

Please subscribe to my home practice tutorial videos on the RealMeYoga YouTube channel

Please book 24 hours in advance

Yoga for restful sleep
Yoga for positivity + chair


Commiting to a course of 75 minute long classes regularly and consitently builds results.  Group sessions are proven to be more effective than a solitary practice. 

Yoga is an ideal intervention if you have stiff joints, are feeling 'lack lustre'' sleeping poorly and your metablism is out of sorts.

Classes reinforce the foundations of careful and safe aligned movement and breathing. 

Students are signed posted to assess their current capability for themselves and work honestly within this range of movement.

"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are" Max Strom. 'A Life Worth Breathing'.

Please always refer to the health form and declare changes to your state of wellbeing.

Pricing & Timing - Please select your preferred course(s) from the downloadable timetable.  During social distancing a donation payment system is available for all teachings.

Yoga to settle & unwind
Yoga for releasing stress
Yoga for replenishing

         Monday PM                                           Tuesday AM                                                Tuesday PM                                    Wednesday PM                                      Friday AM

Care is given to understanding how to bear weight correctly through the hands and feet.  Expect to see special 'foot treatment' used in every class.  We encourage responsive feet because this aids balance and nurtures healthy joints and and supportive spine.  By rolling each foot over a small physio ball for a mini myofascial self-massage in the warm-up we keep supple and strong.  Simple but satisfying standing and floor poses or 'asanas' such as twists, gentle forward, back and sidebends are mixed with short flowing sequences.  The yoga 'nidra' or relaxation at the close every of class is part of embedding the practice and leaves you feeling nicely supple, stretched and revived.

Sunday AM

8 am - 9.30 am.
Dates - Please see timetable

Download from top of page.

Sunday PM

5.30-7.30 pm.

Dates - Please see timetable

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Micro retreats - Sunday Yoga

A more introspective and quiet session with an extended relaxation element.  Restorative yoga is an effective therapeutic remedy for those coping with dis-ease, sleep deprivation, anxiety or the stresses and strain of a modern life.  In other words suitable for everyone.  Restorative yoga soothes the body and carefully coaxes us towards stillness in order that we can appreciate how to become less hectic.  A class with few poses, but huge impact. Particular attention is paid to breathing and passive stretching.  You will be supported comfortably in each of the prone, supine or seated poses for aproximately 5-8 minutes.  There are few, if any standing poses in this class.  It is particularly recommended for asthma relief, insomnia, anxiety and low mood, IBS and other metabolic imbalances.

'Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and

endure what cannot be cured' BKS Iyengar

Pricing, Timing & Props for the Practice

These classes run twice monthly and are bookable in advance. Please download the timetable for the dates and select the donation you would like to make for the teaching.  Using blankets,cushions and some yoga props ensures a comfortable and effective practice. Details of what you will need are provided on booking and on the Resources tab. Improvised props are very effective. Guidance on how to make your own props is available on YouTube.  Please search for RealMeYoga Yogawellness videos.

Wed 4pm


Seated Yoga to strengthen your body and build robust mobility

75 minute classes in and around a chair !  This class is particulary dear to my heart addressing the impacts of time and gravity on the body in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Sitting down... and getting up again will never be the same again.

Discover how working with chairs is no easy option. Using a chair with a firm seat is an ideal place from which to explore movement, posture, breathing, balance and co-ordination. Work at your own pace to access simple yet hightly effective movement sequences.

Practical tips on why and where sedentary our posture.  Actionable steps you can take to include in the daily life : whilst crafting or at a workbench, in the car, in the garden, eating a meal, on the computer, in virtual classroom or while you watch TV!

This class uses mats, props (improvised or bought), chairs and a gentle sense of humour.

Pricing, Timing & Props for the Practice

Please email to book / arrange a trial class. 

 Using blankets,cushions and some yoga props ensures a comfortable and effective practice. Details of what you will need are provided on booking and on the Resources tab. Improvised props are very effective.

Guidance on how to make your own props is available on YouTube.  Please search for RealMeYoga Yogawellness videos.

Image © Nikki de Gruchy

Natural Breath Meditation

Sit and Still - 10 minute daily LIVE session

'Raja Yoga' is the accompanying practice to the more familiar asana or movement yoga.  Practiced for thousands of years to release negative thought patterns and allieviate personal suffering eg anxiety, fear, & anger this is truely a life enriching skill.  This teaching is offered 'live' daily.  Please sign up to the private RealMeYoga FaceBook Group or book for private tuition.

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought.  It is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts". Sidharta Guatama , The Buddha

Joanna provides an introduction to the practice of Insight Meditation. Her qualification to provide this traditional training from Dr ALVKumar at www.Traditional   This technique is direct from the original texts of Patanjali. 

Donations & Timing

Classes are streamed LIVE via the RealMeYoga Facebook Group or arrange private tuition. This is a seated practice.  Teaching is freeling given. Donations are entirely discretionary.


Tight for time or tied up at home? 

Your chance to establish safe and appropriate exercise in the comfort of your own home

- props provided

- home practice sheets available

- private or small group/family tuition

Donation options by arrangement

Private Sessions


Specialised and focussed rehabilitation groups

Individualised attention for up to 3-4 people, working collaboratively to support the medical advice and prescribed treatment plans from Doctors, physios, oestopaths and chiropractors. Supports myofascia release and assess habitual function.

- for diagnosed conditions

- props provided

- home practice sheets available

- private or small group tuition

Donation options by arrangement

Wellness Clinics


Office or workplace based 'Shine & Align' for employees

Calling HR professional and employee wellbeing managers a proven and effective tool to improve job satisfaction and to address:

- absentism

- presentee-ism

- workbase stress

- long term sick

- postural and workplace injury

Donation options by arrangement

“Through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence” Alan W Watts

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